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HHF408 - Early Style Standing Settler Sisters - Doll Pattern by Happy Heart Pattern

Learn how to make these early style settler dolls: an Amish doll, a Prairie doll, and a Pilgrim doll. These 15” dolls are made out of osnaburg fabric that has been coffee stained. Their legs are supported with wood dowels and they are attached to a wood base. I’ve included step-by-step pictures to show you how to draw a pencil face on the doll’s round head. You can also keep the doll’s face plain, without a face, as you can see on the Amish doll. The dolls’ dresses are made from vintage fabrics. These sweet prim settler sisters are holding a little basket or pail filled with pumpkins, flowers and eggs.

Pattern, homespun, cloth doll, Settler Doll, coffee stained, wood base, round head, osnaburg fabric, standing doll.

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HHF 408 - Early Style Standing Settler Sisters

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