Velveteen Rabbit - Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern is by Happy Heart Patterns

HHF305 - Finished Rabbit is 15" tall

Here is a vintage rabbit pattern you will love! As you know, the velveteen rabbit was well loved and that love turned him into a real rabbit! This pattern is very life-like and if you sew him up and just love him enough, watch out, you may see him hop across your living room! You can make this 15" rabbit out of real velveteen fabric, or muslin - muslin that is coffee stained or painted. She will teach you all the techniques to make your rabbits "dirty" from lots of years of loving. You can make your rabbit a big carrot to carry in his hands or on his back (he'll look more traditional and vintage), or not - it's up to you!

HHF305 - Velveteen Rabbit

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