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HHF365 - Canned Pumpkin Men - Primitive Pumpkin Doll Pattern is by Happy Heart Patterns

Here is a pattern to make 5 different stump pumpkin men! These primitive pumpkin men have heads and arms that are made from muslin that is painted (the scarecrow’s arms are a stick) – their bodies can also be painted or made from fall fabrics. The bottom of their stump body is inserted into a rusty can (and that’s why they are called canned pumpkin!) You will learn how to “faux rust” tin cans from small cat food cans to larger soup or bean cans. You get directions for everything – clothes, twisty stems, hats and crows!

Pumpkin Men, Crow, Soft Doll Pattern, Fall Decor, Scarecrow, Rusty Cans, Homespun Fabric, Primitive Scarecrow, Primitive Pumpkin Men.

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HHF365 - Canned Pumpkin Men

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