HHF415 - Stump-Kins - Primitive Cloth Doll Patterns by Happy Hearts Patterns

Make all 4 of these stump dolls. They are made from osnaburg fabric (that is painted) and small print fabrics and have nice round heads. You have a choice to make a pumpkin, kitty, snowman and/or gingerbread. All the dolls, whether they are free standing or in clay pots are 9" tall (not including a hat or bow). You have one basic pattern for the stump doll(s) to work with. Free standing stump dolls (girls or boys) are inserted into 3 ounce (cat food or tuna) "rusted" cans. You can make a dress and place it over the doll/can and make girl stump dolls. Dolls with exposed cans I made into boy dolls. You can insert them down into 3" clay pots and decorate them as girl or boy dolls (no cans needed for these). I have given directions how to "rust" the little cans quickly and easily with paint, glue and cinnamon!

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HHF415 - Stump-Kins

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