HHF438 - Circus Critters - Cloth Doll Pattern by Happy Heart Patterns

Make these delightful circus critters out of plush felt. They are 9" to 10" tall (which includes their clown hats). Their bodies fit down into 3" (wide) tea cups. They are decorated with hats made from thin cardboard and fabric, party favors and plastic charms. Their round balloons are made from ping pong balls covered with real party balloons. If you prefer to "showcase" a critter out of the tea cup, you can make him/her some little feet and they will stand on their own. You will get directions, pattern templates and lots of photos for all 9 critters. This is a really big pattern with lots of pages so prepare to do a lot of printing for the e-pattern. I have separated the directions, templates and photos to make things easier. You will have fun forever, happily sewing all the critters with this huge pattern!

Circus Animals, Monkey, Pig, Zebra, Hippo, Lion, Dog, Teddy Bear, Elephant, Cloth Animals, Doll Pattern.

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HHF438 - Circus Critters

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