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HHF464 - Old Jean Jacks - Recycle Pumpkin Pattern is by Happy Heart Patterns.

This is a pattern to make these 5 Jean Jacks! They are made out of old denim jeans (or you can always purchase new denim - any color denim - and distress it) and when they are viewed straight on, they are 6" high and 9" across - if you consider the mice on top with their decor, they would be 12" tall. If you don't have any old jeans go ahead and purchase new denim because I will teach you how to distress it and make it look old and worn! The jacks are decorated with rusty bells and stars and are patted down with cinnamon. A little white mouse (also made from denim) sits on top of each pumpkin and as you see, sometimes he's up there with a friend.

Jack O Lanterns, Crow, Recycle Jeans, Blue Jeans, Crow, Black Cat, Upcycle Jeans, Mice, Mouse, Fall Decor, Harvest Decor.

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HHF464 -Old Jean Jacks

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