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HHF473 -A Snowan To Hoot About - Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern by Happy Heart Finished Size 24"

Here is a pattern to make a hoot owl sitting on top of a snowman! It is an adorable grouping of an owl, snowman and mouse that is 24" tall. The snowman head by itself is 12" tall, the hat and owl perched on top of it are 12" tall and the mouse is 4" tall. The snowman and his hat are made from muslin that is painted and lightly sanded. The owl and the mouse are made from muslin and are coffee stained. There is a dowel inside the snowman's hat to hold the owl nicely upright. The project is only stuffed with polyfil so it is displayed and glued onto a 6" grapevine wreath base.

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HHF473 - A Snowman To Hoot About

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