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HHF475 - Jack & the Rat Pack - Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern by Happy Heart

This is a pattern to make a delightful fall jack that is being decorated by the Rat Pack! This adorable grouping is 21" tall. Jack is 12" tall himself - if you include his hat, then he is 18" tall. Jack and his hat are made from muslin that is painted and lightly sanded. The rat pack are made from muslin and are coffee stained. Jack's face is painted and he has a pocket mouth that is being patiently occupied while 2 of the pack are decorating Jack's hat. The jack is weighted and stuffed with polyfil. If you don't want to weight him you can glue him to a 6" grapevine wreath.

Pumpkin, Top Hat, Mice, Painted Pumpkin, Cloth Doll, Fall Decor, Harvest Decor, Primitive Pumpkin, Primitive Mice, Fall Decorations.

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HHF475 - Jack & the Rat Pack

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