HHF477 - Packed Snow Sack - Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern Snowman by Happy Heart

Finished Size 20" tall and 12" wide

This is a delightful pattern to make 4 snowmen that are packed into a sack that you can hang up for holidays or leave up all winter long! The snowmen are made from Warm & Natural cotton batting. They have long bodies that fill the sack. Their noses and hats are also made from cotton batting and are painted. If you didn't want to do any painting, you can substitute colored felt instead. The sack is made from denim fabric and has "Let It Snow" stenciled on the front with white acrylic paint. The completed project measures 20" tall (includes the jute hanger) and is 12" wide. Not up for making so many snowmen? Then pack one snowman into a sack! This pattern will also give those instructions and template patterns to make one snowman in a smaller sack. The snowmen and the sack are distressed with cinnamon to make them nice and prim and smell good too!

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HHF477 - Packed Snow Sack

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