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HHF493 -Roly Poly Gnome Cloth Doll PATTERN - is by Happy Heart Patterns

Finished Size approx 15.5"

This is a PATTERN to make these chubby, roly poly gnomes! They can be made with just feet peeking out from the bottom of a chubby body or you can add some long legs to the bottom of his chubby body - the choice is yours! The chubby gnome body itself with just feet is 5 1/2" tall - if you include his 10" tall hat, then he is 15 1/2" tall - he is taller yet if you make him long legs out of cotton stripe fabric. These gnomes are weighted so they sit nicely upright. They are made from blizzard fleece, felt and long fur. They carry little gnome signs (that are included with the pattern).

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HHF493 - Roly Poly Sitting Gnomes

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