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HHF499 - Heads Up Winter ! Cloth Doll Snowman Pattern is by Happy Heart Patterns.

Make these 3 delightful winter snowmen! They are 19" tall from the bottom of their bodies to the very top of their hats. Their round heads are made from off-white flannel fabric. They have carrot noses made from rust flannel fabric. Their bodies are weighted and are made from off-white or off-white/black dot flannel fabrics. You can add flannel fabric arms, stick arms or no arms to the snowmen. The snowmen are distressed with burnt umber paint and cinnamon. The round heads for the snowmen are attached to a stick (or dowel) that is inside the body and are 3" above the top of the body, and that's why "it's heads up for winter"! They all have little felt mice friends to keep them company.

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HHF499 - Heads Up Winter !

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